Timbermate Wood Filler, Water Based, 8oz, Natural

In our shop oak has been a go to wood for many projects.  It is a nice hard wood with a pretty grain pattern and deep pores.  These pores soak up stain or dye and make the grain stand out.   That can be a great thing.  However, I have found a few times that I didn’t want that grain pattern to stand out.  Mainly when I am painting the wood.  During those times, I use the Timbermate Wood Filler.  I tried a variety of other wood fillers before using this one, but they tended to clump up and dry out quickly without leaving much filler in the pores.

When I am using the Timbermate, I sand the surface then take a little bit of the filler and scrape it into the pores using a small putty knife. If the filler dries out, I add a little bit of water to reconstitute it.  After it is dry, I wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any extra filler.  You can also do a light sanding to remove extra.  DO NOT scrub or sand very hard as this product is supposed to be in the pores and you don’t want to remove it or sand it all away.

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